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What do we mean by the Internet of Food and what some of the key issues?

At a recent meeting of ISOC European Chapters we presented an initial and broad framework for mapping and discussing some of the issues at the intersection of the Internet and food.  You can find the presentation here.

In the discussion period, it was suggested that a good step forward would be to extract a few core issues that we know will be absolutely essential for fostering cooperation, particularly in the area of interoperability and open standards.

And one such area we suggest is naming.

Let me leave it like that, to see what kind of discussion this triggers…

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  • Carlos Velasquez

    says on:
    22 mars, 2016 at 19:49

    I do not agree with that priority because if you want to work about name, first of all we will need some taxonomy to organize the names with some meaning

  • Dale R. Worley

    says on:
    26 augusti, 2016 at 23:55

    It seems to me that when opening up a vast new intellectual area, it’s best to follow the pattern of the WIDE Project, which is to organize it as a series of projects, where each project is defined in terms of specific needs of specific users, with the overall project supplying the conceptual framework and long-term goals. That way, each incremental project is valuable in and of itself, and being tethered to the reality of particular user needs, is less likely to run astray.

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