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Internet-of-Food.org is the website of the Internet Society Special Interest Group on Internet of Food. The aim is to lead the discussion regarding how digital aspects, technical innovation and new data layers around food will change the global food system.

Since this development has the potential to affect our biological existences through the influence of an algorithm-guided food system, the potential consequences are daunting.

We have the necessary skills to develop technical infrastructural standards that will propel food into the digital era. While most other sectors have global digital standards in place that facilitate innovation and information sharing, food is still a blank spot on the digital map.

This means that we don’t only need to develop technical standards, we first need to develop a thorough understanding and convert those into broad policy discussions.

In short, the question has gone from ”What’s for dinner?” to ”Who decides what we eat?”.

In an era that has proven unfortunate effects from digital nudging capabilities in the hands of a few, global tech giants, the question of food and digital has become a potentially defining question of our times, effecting personal and planetary health. It is our aim to bring the knowledge on digital to the discussion table.

The ultimate goal is thereafter to turn these discussions into operational technical standards that are incorporated in what is commonly known as ”the Internet”, that is the technical infrastructure that underpins all digital activities, thus making food digital on a global scale. A common technical infrastructure that takes into account the specific properties of food will facilitate openness and innovation and help to feed the planet in a healthy and sustainable way.

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